March 3, 2015 Slice of Life Challenge


I started the car, turned up the heat and pressed the button for my seat warmer.  Sarah opened the passenger door and as she sat Ezra trembled, and cried as Sarah swaddled him in a warm fleece blanket.  This itty bitty, fluffy little puppy who weighs only 1.5 lbs. was trembling and crying high pitched squeaks, squeakier and louder than any offensive squeak toy you know. Ezra was in what appeared to be a full panic attack, reasons unknown.  This 2 month old little Pomeranian puppy is scared for his life, from just a car ride. I cannot imagine what was spooking him, it could have been the cold or the speed of the car, but I am quite certain he did not know he was getting shots. It was a traumatic car ride for this little puppy, why didn’t we schedule the appointment at the veterinarian’s office that was closer to our house, we could have waited 1 more day.  That ride would have been 15 minutes shorter, 15 minutes of less stress on this little pup.

As we arrived in the parking lot he finally calmed down, once inside he was calm and happy.  He did not even flinch as he licked the tongue depressor with the treat on it as the veterinarian swiftly injected the puppy with the vaccination.

This incident made me think about how many times in our own lives when we anticipate something unknown, we panic.  When the thing we are fearing is finally upon us, it is usually nothing at all compared to that panic and fear that preceded it. And sometimes this feeling happens just before something truly amazing happens.


6 thoughts on “March 3, 2015 Slice of Life Challenge

  1. Amy, I feel sorry for your little pup who was so frightened. I agree that we as humans push the panic button. I pushed this button about a half-hour ago when my post SOLSC vanished right before my eyes. I was so exhausted from a long day of professional development and shoveling that I fell asleep over my laptop and next thing I knew the post I was just finishing vanished – not to be retrieved. Thinking that I could remain calm enough to recreate the post, I started. Although the wording takes a different turn, the main part of the post remained the same. Have a great day.

    • Carol, I am so sorry about your lost post. That happened to me during on of the storms this year. I like to think that the second version was improved and the one that was meant to be sent out to the universe! I will stop by to read your post later today. Off to work for me!

  2. Thank you for your feedback Betsy. It is difficult to remember to breathe a little. I was a little worried about the end there, I am glad it worked! Now I can breathe a little!

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