March 4, 2015 Day 4 of the Slice of Life Challenge

MOMMY AND DADDY BOAT FLORIDA“Are you ready?  We now have our 4 couples for the Newly Wed and Not So Newly Wed game.  They look ready for the questions. Here we go.”

I looked up at the stage, I saw my mom with a tremendous smile on her face, grasping my dad’s hands.  Her typical routine.  My dad was nervous, shuffling and clearing his throat.  His typical routine.  But my mom, she was glowing.  As for me, I was sitting in the audience with my then finance, now husband, I looked at him, then over to my Aunt Betty Ann, Uncle Bill and my cousin Patty.  Everyone was laughing and smiling. We had been having a great time on this cruise, just being with this group, well we were always laughing.  At the time I had no idea what to expect and was not sure if I would enjoy this or crawl under a table by the end of the questions.  Let me just say, I was young at the time.  Now I am around the age my parents were and I know my thoughts would be entirely different now.

“If you had to pick one movie to describe your marriage, would it be:  A) The Good, the Bad and the Ugly B) Love Story or C) War and Peace.”  In this gameshow the married couples were asked the questions separately and the couples won if they answered the questions the same.
Love Story” I hear my mom say, in a flowery sweet, lovely voice with a beaming smile as she awaits to hear my dad’s response.

“Ahem, Ahem, uh The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, yes that is it,” my dad replied.  His voice was low and deep, his  humor was so dry, you almost could not tell if it was humor. He continued to clear his throat.

My mom, still beaming, I guess she knew him better than I did at the time.  She got him, she got his humor.  I was about to crawl under a table.  I suppose as a young person, recently engaged, I was horrified that he would say this, especially after my mom said Love Story.  At the same time I was horrified that my mom would categorize their marriage that way.  What? How could that be? I thought more, somewhere in the middle, somewhere more realistic. Not Love Story!

Now I am older, wiser and have been through many years of marriage and raising children myself, I sometimes can see it as my dad did and others times as my mom did. My mom passed just two years after that cruise and my dad, just last year, twenty years after her, almost to the day. When I first saw this picture pop up tonight as I scanned the photos on my computer, I thought, wow what a love story.  What Love Story is complete without The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?



4 thoughts on “March 4, 2015 Day 4 of the Slice of Life Challenge

  1. I never thought of my own parents’ marriage as a Love Story but when my dad died of a broken heart nine days after my mom passed, I realized they had their own love story as so many of us who stick it out do. Very sweet story…I love how you come to realize their love story.

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