March 7, 2015 Day 7 SOL Challenge

Today I bought images-4a new book, an Audible book. It all started with a Tweet, an article by Peter Dewitt, “Where Are All the Women in Educational Leadership.” I had read it before, but today for some reason when I saw it again, I paused and reread it. Then I continued through on my Twitter feed and there was an ad for a book by Mika Brzezinski, Knowing Your Value. I always liked Joe Scarborough- but Mika, she rubbed me the wrong way whenever I caught a glimpse of Morning Joe. Perhaps there is something to that. When someone gets under your skin, sometimes that is a reason to dig deeper and learn more.

The title of her book grabbed my attention and so I listened to a sample of the Audible book. I was drawn into the book and the idea of the book, it related to women and the importance of women knowing their own value. It was then it occurred to me, all the books I was assigned and read in my educational leadership program were all books written by men. I am not sure why I never realized this before. Even before I was in education, I studied business in my undergraduate, then worked in business and all those leadership books I read, they were written by men.

Could there be something to this? As a woman, why have I not read any books on leadership written by women.  Of course I have read books written by women, books about literacy, educational books from a teacher’s perspective, and even a few leadership books I can remember. The thing about these books though, they were very specific about literacy leadership and professional development.  In educational programs I have only been asked to read books on larger aspects of leadership that were written by men.  Suddenly it became clear to me that I needed to read books written by women about leadership.  A new reading goal, perfect!

Today, I have been listening to Mika’s book and although I am only at the beginning I know that reading (or listening to) this book will give me a glimpse into how women have achieved recognition and the financial worth that goes along with this recognition. This book, a book I would not have read if not for the Tweet that led me to Peter Dewitt’s article and the ad that showed the cover of Mika’s book has been connecting with me today.  The words that jumped out to me, the title, Knowing Your Value seemed to me to be connected to the article by DeWitt as well as recent observations that I have made lately.

We are our own worst enemy.  This is one idea suggested in the book.  Women believe if they work hard it will be noticed and recognition will come.  Working hard does not always lead to more recognition and higher pay.  Women do not advocate for themselves the way that men do and as such are often overlooked for promotions by both men and women supervisors.

I am starting a new plan for my reading, I am drawing out my inner Hillary Clinton. I am going to read all the books I can find on leadership, written by women.  Have you read a great leadership book written by a woman?  If you have I would love to hear your recommendations!  11454297503_e27946e4ff_h


11 thoughts on “March 7, 2015 Day 7 SOL Challenge

    • Instead of the quote I used at the beginning my original draft had “girl power” in it! Thank you for reading my post. I do believe this is going to be a powerful new reading plan for me!

    • Thank you for the recommendation. I have watched her TedTalk, and really enjoyed her discussion on vulnerability. It was powerful. I am adding this to my list, thank you!

  1. Oh yes! and Yay! while I am at it. That’s come up a lot among friends lately. Today (already) is International Women’s Day and the theme is “Make it Happen!” (or, in some places, empower women).

      • I just started a “When #ScholarSunday falls on #IWD2015…” on @VanessaVaile (and will start it on other streams) to hail #femscholars ~ but not just academic because mine include all educators, independent, retired, etc. So that probably needs another less Ivory Tower tag.

  2. What about book(s) y Diane Ravich? I’m not sure if she writes about leadership or just education, but she is certainly a leader in the field of education. This is an interesting challenge. It will be great to hear what you learn.

    • Thanks for mentioning Diane Ravitch, her books are mostly on education as a system, not so much leadership. I have read earlier books, and Reign of Error has been on my to be read list for a while. Maybe I will move it to the Leadership and women list. Thank you for reminding me of her. She is certainly a leader.

  3. This is a powerful thing even just to NOTICE… let alone create a reading list. I always wonder about the difference (in general) between male and female leadership. (Really, differences in leadership in general are interesting…) Sometimes I think women feel they need to act like a man as a leader.. .when I have always appreciate the less stereotypical masculine leadership… I hope you write more about your thoughts as you read.

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