March 9, 2015 Day 9 Slice of Life Challenge

who you are makes a difference 217


Today I had a perfect lunch.  It was perfect because of the people I shared it with.  As a literacy coach in my building I do not have my own classroom, so days like this are pretty special for me.  I often reflect that I am the luckiest teacher in the building simply because I get to spend time with all the students in my school.  But I also miss out on the relationships that form in a classroom. This year there is one class that is especially close to my heart, so I was looking for ways to continue to foster a relationship that started early on in the school year.

One night during a #G2Great chat on Twitter I was inspired by two of my colleagues who make lunch time their time with students.  So after our winter recess I decided to set aside days that I could have my lunch with students.  Their teacher is helpful in scheduling students to join me and it is nice to work as a team on behalf of our students. I think it is helpful to her too, as a new teacher she came in as a leave replacement and so we have been on this journey together for much of this year.  I have witnessed these students grow since she took over the class and this gives us an opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas as to best support her class.  Usually I have some project I need them to help me with and they are more than excited to take on some part of making our school a better place.  We listen to music, eat, talk and work a bit.  It usually ends with students choosing some books to borrow from my bookshelves. There is something amazing about that!

So today, while we shared our lunch time and chatted casually I enjoyed the laughing and stories they shared with me.  We talked about pets; puppies and kittens and shared our stories.  We talked about vacations and things we enjoy to do when we are not in school.

This time, time which we would not otherwise have, has really made a difference for me. I believe it has made a difference for them too.  We have broke up the monotony of indoor recess (due to our never ending inclement weather this winter), we have fostered relationships and we have used the time to create beautiful decorations to hang on the walls of our school.


2 thoughts on “March 9, 2015 Day 9 Slice of Life Challenge

  1. There is a special bond that happens when you have your own classroom! Sometimes the wonder of that gets lost in the demands of classroom life. Your words helped me to remember to look for that daily joy because it is there. Your lunches do sound perfect!

  2. Having lunch alongside students is something I miss. Like Kim said, above, there is a special bond that takes place when we break bread with our students in addition to just teaching them. I know it’s harder for you to do now that you’re out of the classroom, but how great that you’re making the effort! The kids will love their lit coach (YOU!) as a result!

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