March 14, 2015 Day 14 SOL Challenge


I had a draft started for today’s Slice of Life, but instead of revising and editing today I did something else.  I hung out with my teenagers.  My son, Justin who recently got his driving permit wanted to practice driving in the rain.  So I had him drive to Briermere Farms, this short trip gave him plenty of practice driving through heavy rain, large puddles and trying to avoid the pot holes that resulted from all the snow we have had this winter.

Justin 2014 Dec HUGS

As it always is with my two children they can never agree on anything.  Of course they each like different pie, my daughter wanted cherry and my son wanted apple.  So two pies for National Pi Day!


Sarah wanted to skip the mall and go to the craft store, so we stopped by the mall quick to drop off Justin and Derrick and then we headed to the craft store.

Sarah Dec 2014

Once we got home, and dinner was done, we took out the sewing kit and attempted to make shirts for the puppy.  Apparently little puppies are good for playing dress up!  While sewing with my daughter was fun and at times frustrating I stabbed my fingers with the needle way too many times, we ended up with a scarf instead of a shirt.  And that is ok. We had a great rainy day.



5 thoughts on “March 14, 2015 Day 14 SOL Challenge

  1. Nice to get that rainy practice in; Your own peace of mind will hopefully be better when he finally drives on his own. (Been there recently!) You are fortunate to have something to revise and edit – I have not been able to get that far ahead of myself.

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