March 17, 2015 Slice of Life Challenge Day 17


Shifting from I think to I believe…

I have come to realize that quite often I say ” I think…”  when what I really mean is “I know…” or “I believe…” or “Research shows…”

Usually when I say I think, it is because there is a larger piece of evidence or research that has lead me to that place.

So why do I begin with “I think…?”  That seems so unsure. So uncertain.  And yet, I have read about it, I have experienced it and I know there is evidence behind it.  Why is that I begin that statement with I think? It sounds so uncertain.

We teach students in 5th and 6th grade to write research based argument essays.  I can lay out the unit in my mind and I can set the students up in a debate where I emphasize the important of being clear and having evidence behind your reasons. Making a claim, having evidence and reasons.  Seems simple, right?


Yet, when I am with adults and we are discussing a topic that may lend itself to a debate or discussion — I say “I think…”  Really? Do I think?  Do I know?  Do I believe?

And finally…as I reflect on this, I am going to move from “I think…” to “I believe…”

For now anyway.  That is growth.


4 thoughts on “March 17, 2015 Slice of Life Challenge Day 17

  1. I often find that when I am with adults, I often question myself, my judgement, and my beliefs. I have less confidence and less conviction when I feel like someone is judging my every word.

    • Yes, I have experienced that too at times. It is quite uncomfortable. I wonder if saying “I believe…” would set you more at ease. I will try this next time I feel this way.

  2. I agree with all your points you laid out here. It’s not really “I think” as much anymore because we do know now. We are sure and confident in more aspects of our opinions. Yes it’s growth. However I’d have to say, I think using “I think” as an opener is a classic disarming technique for being really well-versed on soe thing and often works. Not always but I think some people can’t handle strong women with big opinions. :). Great slice. Made me think.

    • That is a good point. I think when I was young I picked up this habit, and it could have been to set someone at ease to hear you, however I am not sure it is always heard or received. Gets me thinking about the books I am reading right now by women in leadership roles. You are right there are people out there who can’t handle strong opinionated women. Now you have me thinking, thank you! I am going to pay attention to see if I hear men say “I think…” or what they say instead.

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