March 19, 2015 Day 19 Slice of Life Challenge

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hCelebrating Teachers and Students

Today celebrations continue but in a larger sense than in my post yesterday, today is day 19 of the Slice of Life Challenge.  This challenge has provided me with the structure that I needed to write everyday.  This Slice of Life Challenge is led by Tara, Stacey, Dana, Betsy, Beth and Anna at Two Writing Teachers.

Today I celebrate the teachers at Two Writing Teachers for leading this challenge.  Without this challenge I would not be on my 19th straight day of writing.  Without this online challenge, I would have found several other things to do instead of write each day.  Sometimes we need this level of commitment and public support to push us to where we need to go to grow.

Today I also celebrate the teachers I work with at my school and their students.

Today I worked with a teacher who I have not had the pleasure of working with in sometime due to subject area changes.  Today we met in our PLC and talked about social studies and literacy and I was refreshed and renewed.  I forgot how this teacher and I used to meet to plan reading and writing workshop, I would share some new thinking and within hours really she would be showing me this amazing work that grew from our conversation.  I celebrate because I cannot bring the work to this place, but this teacher she can!  I sit back and smile with amazement.  This teacher I celebrate!

Today I also celebrate a teacher, a new teacher in a leave replacement.  Her insight, caring, solid instructional practices and deep understanding of literacy inspire me.  This gives me hope for what is to come for our profession.  Teaching is an art, it is a practice. To work with new teachers who are reflective practitioners is nothing short of pure joy.

teacher teacher-2 teachers

Today I celebrate Nancie Attwell, I was moved by her words in this interview as she speaks about receiving the Teacher Noble Peace Prize.  Her school inspires me. Her ideas inspire me.  Students have voice and choice in literacy.  Students in her school read about 40 books a year, and write about 21 pieces of writing a year.  Her view of teachers as reflective practitioners inspires me.

Today most importantly I celebrate students, students who in our celebration today showed how they can talk, read and write like writers do.  These students shared their informational writing on teen activism.  In their celebration they worked cross four ELA classrooms while they read writing from other classrooms, referred to checklists and write low tech Tweets where they created a # around writing.  Below are some of the hashtags that students used to give feedback on their peers’ writing.

  • #structure
  • #lead
  • #overall
  • #development
  • #elaboration
  • #ending
  • #organization
  • #craft

IMG_20150319_132725 IMG_20150319_134050 IMG_20150319_134155 IMG_20150319_134313IMG_20150319_135641IMG_20150319_135633


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