March 21, 2015 Day 21 Slice of Life Challenge

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hToday as I write for day 21 of the Slice of Life March challenge, I find myself struggling with coming up with an idea that I am ready to write.  I went through my drafts, then got distracted on another project that is very pressing, then sidetracked on Twitter and finally sidetracked on Voxer.

“I don’t know what to blog about today, and today is almost over.” I whined to my husband who just got home from work and is catching up on sports on the DVR.

“Write about paintball today, why can’t you do that?” he said.

“No, what would I write about? Oh wait, yeah I can do that!”

For Christmas this year, I was getting tired of just giving my nephews money or gift cards.  Last year I even dressed their money up in silly crafty gift ideas I found on Pinterest out of desperation for something more thoughtful or creative than money.  I was trying to think of something, when it occurred to me that we don’t make enough time to do things together anymore.  Schedules are busy for the group of 6 cousins, and while my brother and his family live close to me, my sister and her family live a little further away.  I decided I was going to give them a memory.

Rather than money for Christmas gifts the gift would be to go to Cousins Paintball, with one condition that we would all do this together.  The only part that was not great was that the youngest of the cousins was not old enough. He got a season pass to the close by water park Splish Splash.

Our original plan was all the cousins and the parents would go and we would make a day of it.  Well, turns out due schedules and work, only my brother and I ended up doing this with all the cousins.

When we all got there, my brother had a trunk full of cold weather gear that he used for work.  We were prepared with our snow pants, snow boots (yes it snowed on the first day of spring in NY) but of course we forgot a couple of things.  My brother kept pulling things out of his trunk, my daughter called compared his trunk to Mary Poppin’s bag and that was pretty accurate.  I am pretty sure he had enough of everything that if we all showed up in shorts and t-shirts he could have had all 8 of us dressed for paintball in the snow!

Luckily my brother was there, because I am not sure I would have even known what to do and even as they gave directions it still was not within my comfort zone and much of the vocabulary the instructors used was not in my background knowledge. Brothers really are the best, they always seem to save your day!

As I look back over the day I think it accomplished what I had hoped it would.  A day for all the cousins to get together and do something out of the ordinary and make a memory.

As an aside the day provided another example to me of how sometimes if we move outside of our comfort zones and take risks great things can happen. While the experience was a bit intimidating for me I realized that unless you step out from behind what is protecting you, you will not enjoy the game!  Yes, there is some risk, but in order to grow sometimes you just have to run out to get better aim at your target.



12 thoughts on “March 21, 2015 Day 21 Slice of Life Challenge

  1. THat sounds like so much fun! And I agree, a gift of your time will be far more memorable than any thing you could have bought and wrapped up. Good call! It sounds like you had fun.

  2. We’ve been doing a gift of time for the last four or five years. Hubby and I are taking our glass-blowing class next weekend, our Christmas gift from our kids! Looking forward to blogging about that day!

  3. I loved your story, and how you gave it as a memory-making gift to the eople you love. These make my favorite posts!

    Last night I was on fumes after a long week and reduced sleep. As I was working on today.s post, I struggled with similar angst, and found my inspiration by lifting a line from a colleague’s blog. My topic is similar to yours (growing through challenges).

  4. I love how you crafted this piece, showing us your stress about not knowing what to write. I’ve whined to my husband too! Especially enjoyed how you wrote about your brother and his trunk of stuff!!

  5. My boys love paintball! I loved this line – ” how sometimes if we move outside of our comfort zones and take risks great things can happen.” What a sweet husband to give you a blogging idea – our lives are full of possibilities!

  6. It was interesting to read the beginning of your post, about how you were having such a hard time thinking of what to write about …. when it’s clear from what you ended up writing that you could write so many stories about the paintball event. I have that problem so often, that I feel like I have nothing worth writing about, when to other people it’s clear there are many fascinating stories. Thanks for being a role model of finding stories inside our “ordinary” lives.

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