March 23, 2015 Slice of Life Challenge


Cold Rage 

Today started as any other Monday would.  Excitement over the week beginning and that feeling of if I had one more day I could get so much done.  I ran outside, feeling the cold air and started my car.  I could not find my gloves and began searching for them, without success.

Back inside, I finished up those last minute things that have to be done before I leave for school.  I pick up the puppy, he is so warm and cuddly I am instantly wishing I could curl up in my bed under the warm blankets rather than bear the cold this morning.  It is the 3rd day of spring in New York, but apparently mother nature is not pressured by the calendar.

I am hoping the car is warmed up as I venture out to head to school without my gloves.  I am wishing I wore warmer clothes, my office surely will be cold today.  My mind is dreading the draft that comes through the window, right in front of my computer.  I think about my schedule for the day, hoping I am scheduled in the classrooms that have the problem of being too hot!  How wonderful that would feel right about now.

Funny thing is, it is not all that cold out.  I am just done with the cold, it has been cold for far too long at this point.

I manage to drive to school, heat blasting, stopping for coffee, I need for warmth.  Whoever invented the car seat warmer was a pure genius!

After parking my car in the school parking lot, I begin to gather my things, my purse, my lunch bag, my school bag and a shopping bag full of candy, clementines and granola bars for the professional development sessions this week. I am praying that I do not drop my coffee cup at this point, that would completely ruin my day.

As I start walking towards the entrance, the wind circles around me.  The rage starts to fill me and I find myself in this horrible, terrible no good fit of COLD RAGE.  I am starting to feel like Alexander when he has that horrible, terrible no good, very bad day and I begin dreaming about moving to Australia.  I actually checked, it is 77 degrees in Sydney, Australia today.  I could do that, just like Alexander who said,  “I think I’ll move to Australia.”

alexander move to Australia

I could do that in this fit of COLD RAGE.

Lucky for me it was just a cold rage that overcame me for a few fleeting moments and once I am inside the school building I am immediately warmed up by the voices of students learning around the building.  A book club meeting in the hall, the chatter of the 5th grade boys talking about their book club book. These voices draw me out of my chilly office and to the warmth of a 5th grade literary conversation.  There is warmth in that.

book blub 217


9 thoughts on “March 23, 2015 Slice of Life Challenge

  1. So many great details as I followed you through getting to school (feeling the need to put on some gloves to warm my fingers), wind whipping around you, until finally the thaw. The warmth of the school and voices talking about books warmed your heart. Guess you aren’t moving to Australia, yet. 🙂 Great post!

    • Glad that I was able to get that feeling out there. I guess it is easier to write when you have very strong feelings, whether they are positive or negative- it is really about the feelings.

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