March 26, 2015 Day 26 Slice of Life Challenge


When does the tide change?  When does the shift happen? When are you at the edge of glory? Ok that is a bit dramatic, I know.  But that song worked for Lady Gaga and when she sang it she emotionally connected with those words.  So often a change is in progress that is moving towards a vision that we want to reach.  There are so many forces along the way that challenge the change.  So many that are beyond our control.  We can be right at the edge of glory and all of a sudden, right in front of us there is something that presents itself, something out of our control that prevents us from crossing that edge.

The key is to keep going, keep your vision in front of you and keep moving with the tide, even when it changes again.  Because when it changes again it brings us closer to the real shift, closer to the edge of glory until finally we cross over and see real change that can be  sustained.

It is through the perseverance that we fine tune our intentions and strengthen our desire for the vision we created. It is though the perseverance where we hone in on our skills.  This is the place where we work the hardest and make the most sustainable growth.  It is during the perseverance where sometimes we fall to the ground and feel that we cannot continue on, it is there that we pick ourselves up, stare at the edge and suddenly we can see the over the edge.  It is then we know we are just about there.


7 thoughts on “March 26, 2015 Day 26 Slice of Life Challenge

  1. This should be printed and posted for motivating others. Really full of lines to inspire anyone whose every considered quitting anything worthwhile. I’m a challenge addict but I know a bunch of quitters who could use this!

    • Thank you! Funny because after I posted this I was watching Grey’s Anatomy on DVR and Derrick said this very thing to one of his fellows. I have to see if I can find the exact words he used, I couldn’t get to a pen and paper quick enough to jot it down last night. I am sure Dr. McDreamy said it better than me, they have script writers after all!

  2. Amy sometimes you’ve got to dig deep and go long – it’s the struggle it’s the work and it’s the expectation that with every failure you get a little closer to a vision realized. We create a world of talk and we inhabit that world. I agree with BButler627 your blog is an inspiration because it’s authentic. You believe these words and that brings power. Thank you for lifting me up after a long day.

    • Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. I am glad that my words carried the strength that I felt behind them. I was just talking at school yesterday to my principal about this very thing. There are so many days where you feel the struggle, those are the long days. I think you can only see the words that I wrote, once you begin to cross over and see the results of all your effort. Happy Friday!

  3. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of your writing and the wisdom you offer. Stamina and perseverance are such important qualities. I cherish them in my writing, in my running, and in my relationships. Of course, I have also learned from the experiences when I have stopped short, but the main lesson I learned in those instances, was that perseverance is always the better route.

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