My One Little Word for 2017 –Stretch


As I welcomed in 2017, I reflected back on my One Little Word for 2016 – gratitude. It was the perfect word for 2016 and although I will choose a new One Little Word for 2017 I will still carry around my 2016 word, gratitude.  This is a word I cherished through the year and still feel the need to keep close. It has become part of me and so I will keep gratitude and add One Little Word for 2017 – stretch.  I begin this year with a stretch both literally and figuratively. I am committing to stretch myself in order to grow.

A stretch will present some discomfort, but I know this is necessary for growth. The discomfort includes some fear; fear of the unknown and fear of making mistakes or failing altogether. So I will stretch both professionally and personally for 2017 as I take on some new challenges as an educator and in the practice of yoga. With each stretch in yoga and each stretch in my professional growth I will embrace the discomfort that comes with the stretch as I know ultimately it will lead to a better and stronger version of me.



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